What This NBC Announcer Said About Trump On LIVE TV Will Make You NEVER Watch Another NFL Game

Now the NFL and its cronies are blaming President Donald Trump for their own stupidity and ignorance.

NBC broadcaster Al Michaels was asked about his thoughts on the NFL rating decline in an interview with Philly.com this week. Michaels listed multiple factors, but of course, wasted no time circled back to President Donald Trump’s September comments at a rally in Alabama where he called for protesting players to be “fired.”

He alluded to the false notion that President Trump’s comments reignited the spotlight on player protests. But the fact was that Trump didn’t reignite the controversy, the controversy was never extinguished, he only called out what players were already doing. Especially the failed ex-Forty Niner’s quarterback Colin Kaepernick who, because he saw his career was ending he decided to take a knee against our flag and all she stands for.

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