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TAYLOR is a high octane ride through the life of the boldest, baddest linebackers to ever play the game. Featuring never before seen photographs TAYLOR includes a full length highlight DVD of LT’s greatest hits, candid insights, and most telling interviews with teammates and competitors. Leader of the New York Giants’ “Big Blue Wrecking Crew” Lawrence Taylor is widely acknowledged as the most feared defenseman to ever play professional football. Unleashed on the NFL in 1981, his instincts, skills, smarts, and fury changed the way players, coaches and fans viewed football. The personification of “shock and awe,” LT was equally adept at sacking quarterbacks, intercepting passes, and forcing fumbles- he created on-field chaos.TAYLOR, who often played despite pain (torn shoulder ligaments, a detached pectoral muscle, or a broken bone in his foot) was better known for inflicting it with his punishing tackles.In a game that had become highly regimented, Taylor took football back for the individual player and showed how a savvy adrenaline-fueled defenseman could be a titanic star.
Donwload Here http://tinyurl.com/nvo36xq
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