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Espacio transbordador espacial Endeavour paso elevado – Disneyland Disneyland
Космический шаттл Индевор эстакада – Диснейленд Диснейленд
Weltraum Space Shuttle Endeavour Flyover – Disneyland Disneyland
Spazio dello Space Shuttle Endeavour cavalcavia – Disneyland Disneyland
공간 우주 왕복선 노력 비행-디즈니랜드 디즈니랜드
Space tàu con thoi Endeavour Flyover – Disneyland Disneyland
Spatiu Naveta spațială Endeavour Flyover – Disneyland Disneyland
Space Space Shuttle Endeavour felüljáró – Disneyland Disneyland
Ruang jejambat usaha balik angkasa – Disneyland Disneyland
Prostoru raketoplánu Endeavour nadjezdu – Disneyland Disneyland