NFL general managers and coaches now have a little more certainty at their disposal as they prepare for free agency.

The NFL salary cap for the 2017 league year has been set at $167 million, a league official told NFL Network’s Judy Battista on Wednesday.

The figure represents a more than $12 million raise over last year’s cap figure on $155.27 million. Since 2012, the cap has been increased by about $47 million.

Most NFL teams are heading into free agency with ample cap space this season. With free agency set to begin March 9, there could be plenty of big deals for a free agency group that isn’t as packed with as much star power as in seasons past.

Here’s a look at the available salary-cap space for each NFL team, according to (as of March 1):

Browns: $102,346,421

49ers: $76,963,264

Jaguars: $70,979,709

Buccaneers: $66,136,718

Titans: $61,389,464

Patriots: $59,667,426

Colts: $53,238,812

Bears: $51,366,002

Raiders: $42,931,487

Broncos: $42,064,799

Bengals: $41,995,339

Dolphins: $41,050,292

Packers: $39,995,981

Vikings: $37,949,218

Panthers: $36,588,761

Rams: $36,394,280

Redskins: $34,477,921

Lions: $31,797,575

Saints: $27,347,284

Jets: $26,278,320

Seahawks: $25,931,999

Steelers: $23,615,733

Texans: $23,396,261

Bills: $18,185,833

Falcons: $17,870,046

Cardinals: $17,065,989

Ravens: $13,810,289

Giants: $13,282,686

Chiefs: $9,592,207

Eagles: $8,692,349

Chargers: $5,190,314

Cowboys: $3,311,937

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