The NY Jets will look to help their passing game on Draft Day.

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Sitting with the sixth pick in the NFL Draft are the NY Jets coming off a 4-12 season. The Jets can’t be happy with their quarterback situation, as both Kellen Clemens and Chad Pennington were ineffective. Pennington is coming off two shoulder surgery’s in recent years and questions will always remain about his arm strength and his poor ability to throw the deep ball. The organization may have given up on Pennington as Clemens was heralded as their quarterback of the future. The question is do the Jets want to risk that precious first round selection on a weak crop of quarterbacks?? It’s doubtful so they will look at a wide receiver to help their passing game. The Jets will go wide out in the first round and a really talented one will be available to them in 6’ 3 3/4 inch Malcolm Kelly from Oklahoma. Kelly is big, strong and athletic and will give the Jets a nice target to throw to for passing touchdowns in the red zone. Kelly finished his college career at Oklahoma ranked #2 in the program in TD catches with 21 and receiving yards with 2285 in his career. Ranked #2 in the program is impressive but what’s even more impressive is he did this while skipping his senior year of college. Jet fans you are getting a good one here. With the 6th pick in the NFL Draft Gamblers Television projects the NY Jets will select Malcolm Kelly, Wide Receiver from Oklahoma.

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