Former 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was simply a star that shined too bright for the NFL.

The latest example comes from former 49ers tight end Delanie Walker, who said Harbaugh once dressed in full pads for a practice and played the role of No. 3 quarterback.

He also did pretty well.

“It didn’t surprise me one bit,” Walker said, via The Tennessean. “Harbaugh doesn’t surprise anyone. He does whatever he feels like doing. Truthfully, I think Harbaugh still thinks he’s a player, not a coach.”

Walker added: “He dressed up in full gear and practiced the whole practice –- pads, helmets, everything on. He had the whole uniform on. We came out and said, ‘Who is that dude out there?’ And it was Jim Harbaugh. He had some old high top cleats on.”

Now, his act has toned a bit. Just that whole khaki pants and no shirt thing.

Man, I miss Harbaugh already.

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