Capitalizing on a possibly brief window of Tim Tebow relevancy in the NFL, Tampa Bay Buccaneers wideout Louis Murphy compared the former collegiate star to his new quarterback, Jameis Winston.

Murphy played with Tebow at the University of Florida and when asked on a recent Sirius XM appearance if he was worried about Winston’s off-the-field life at Florida State, he pulled out the old Tebow card.

“No, not really,” Murphy said. “I just saw how much of a competitor he is. He competes. He doesn’t like losing. He wants to win and that’s a guy I want to play with. He’s young, kind of similar to Tim Tebow in a way, he just wants to win. He’ll do anything it takes to win. But he’s young, everyone makes mistakes … I’m just really excited to be with a guy who is really passionate about playing this game.”

The comparison is great if only because of the surface-level confusion it will cause. Everyone will be quick to point out that Winston was in some trouble in college and that Tebow wasn’t. Everyone will be equally quick to point out that Winston is a pretty accurate passer, unlike Tebow.

But really, this is some interesting insight from Murphy. Winston’s attitude behind closed doors when it comes to football is something we don’t know much about. There’s no doubt that Tampa Bay spent the entire draft process figuring that out.

If it’s anything like Tebow’s, Tampa Bay has to be feeling pretty good. Tebow’s attitude and demeanor are a big part of how he earned so many chances.

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