The Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins are set to square off at FedEx Field at 1 p.m. ET on Sunday. Hurricane Joaquin might have a say in whether that game gets played as scheduled.

NFL officials are tracking the hurricane, which is pressing northward after hammering the Bahamas.

“We are monitoring the forecast and having dialogue with both teams,” a league spokesman told NFL Media.

Meteorologists are still unsure whether Joaquin will hit landfall on the East Coast over the weekend, but believe the odds are increasing, per the Weather Channel. It could become the first landfall hurricane to hit the U.S. in 15 months.

The Eagles and Redskins are both preparing to play in potentially poor, rainy conditions, if the game is not postponed.

“Well, we’ll wait until Sunday to know what exactly is going to happen,” Eagles coach Chip Kelly said, via the Washington Post, “but it’s something that we’ve been monitoring.”

Added Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins: “I have done it in the past,” Cousins said. “Rain affects it, wind affects it, how much we get of each of those. When they start to combine and be a lot of both, it can be really difficult. Temperature also starts to change things. I’ve always been able to throw a wet ball pretty consistently. I don’t feel like it takes me off my game too much.”

The NFL has moved two games in the past five years due to heavy snow — the latest being the Buffalo Bills playing in Detroit last season.

While forecast models differ on the potential path of the Category 3 hurricane — which could intensify into Category 4 status before hitting land — the NFL will monitor the situation. The most important thing is for those fans and players living on the East Coast to stay safe in the event of a catastrophic storm.

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