’How a game of football made me want to live again’
“At the time I didn’t realise, but if my mum didn’t buy me those boots, things
might not have changed, and I might have lost my life to mental illness.”
People say ’are you afraid of dying?’
But if you can take steps to end your life, there is not much that is scary to you.”
It left the teenager in a dark place – he was sectioned three years later after trying to take his own life countless times.
“I was in so much pain, that to carry on [living] seemed like it was going to hurt more than to end my life.”
James – supported by his mother and the Mental Health Football Association – hopes others can feel the same benefits in future.
Shaking as he speaks, and trying to collect himself amid the tears, James relives the last few years of his father’s life.


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