Eagles defensive lineman Fletcher Cox is one of the most affable superstars in football. He is also one of the most honest.

Held without a sack over the last four games — he logged four over the team’s first four games — the $103 million man knows he has hit a wall.

“I think I gotta be better,” Cox said, via CSN Philadelphia. “I think the main thing is, I had a few chances last week, chances in previous weeks, but I just have to get there. It’s just a thing that I got them early and now I like hit a wall. I think that I’ll be alright. I know I’ll be alright. Just gotta keep pushing and put myself in position to get there.”

Smarter football minds will point to the Eagles (4-4) game against Atlanta (6-3) as a potential bounce-back game for Cox — not because of the opponent, but because of the makeup across their defensive line.

Philadelphia should welcome back run stuffer Bennie Logan, unburdening Cox and allowing him to freelance a bit more. The pairing has been the perfect core of defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz’s Wide 9 rebirth, but fell on hard times once Cox was double and sometimes triple-teamed on a consistent basis. Cox describing it as ‘hitting the wall’ is a nice way of saying many of his friends aren’t soaking up bodies to get him free.

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is the fifth-most sacked passer in football (22) despite being 10th in total drop backs. While the remade Atlanta Falcons offensive line has paved the way for a fantastic season so far, and a potential MVP candidacy for Ryan, it hasn’t entirely shielded him from hits. Cox is hoping to continue that trend this weekend.

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