MY STORY ( If you can be bothered to read it 😉 ) –

I’ve learn’t first hand that in life people like to tell your not good enough and can’t do something but really if you put your mind to something and are willing to put the work in there is nothing you can’t do!

For example in Year 9 I had to pick my GCSE and my PE teacher told me even if I worked hard there is no way I’d be good enough and this angered me as I have a passion for Sport.

So I set a goal to prove him wrong. I started working hard in the gym to improve my fitness and I gave it everything, ALL I HAD!

By Year 10 I had a 6 Pack and by Year 11 I set a few school records for long distance running, was running at District Level and achieved a 10/10 in my Fitness testing! I achieved my goal and you can do the same!

In life people want to tell you that you can’t do something but really if you are willing to work hard there is nothing you can’t do. Of course some days will be hard or you might not feel like it but you have to have a drive that you aren’t going to stop no matter how much pain you are in and you will achieve what you want to achieve, whatever goal you have, GO GET IT!

I achieved my goal and I hope I can help motivate you to do the same!




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